Float-Shell Aquafloataris made in Germany

You are looking at one of the most luxurious floatation tank design ever made. The float shell has had a major overhaul in our floatStar work shop and is a good as new. The structure and surface gelcoat is in very good condition. The availability of all spare parts, like push buttons, electronic components and actuators that may be needed in the future is guaranteed.

The float-shell offers following features
* filtration system with BlueEco DC pump, particle filter housing, stainless steel UV-C sterilizer and semi automated dosage pump for liquid peroxide or clorine
* transducer audio system featuring push button for volume +/- and titel jump forward/backward control from inside the shell
* new Led color light, selecting fixed colors or slow pace changing colors controlled with smart multifunctional push button from inside the shell
* electric fan ventilation air duct system
* bubble blower function featuring 16 nozzles (like in jacuzzy spa)
* glasfiber star illumination sky function
* built in under floor heater with high precision thermostat SSR relais control
* titanium direct flow heater
* pneumatic silent open/close mechanism controlled by 3 air buttons from in and outside

width: 1,98m (6.5')
length: 3.40m (11')
hight: 1.35m (4.5') and 2.2m (7.2') when open

The float-shell is located in central Beijing and can be shipped in a 20' container to worldwide locations

38.900,00,-€uro + VAT/GST and shipping expenses if applicable
- Installation at customer site is included -

Interested buyers are welcome to contact - floatingtank@hotmail.de
or call +49 (0)176 76 177 660