Does the size of a floating tank or cabin influence the experience of the user ?
In order to float in comfort, the surface area does not need to be larger than necessary. - 20cm exceeding the actual hight of a person and 130cm width works perfectly. A maximum brine level of 25cm does work for most people not to touch the bottom.

What are the requirements on the filtration system if a floating tank is used commercially ?
The health departments or authorities in every continent, country, region, district, city or town set up there own requirements. It is best to obtain informations on this issue prior to start operation.

Does the location and design of the room for a floating tank matter ?
Yes it certainly does. The location should be chosen carefully. Heavy traffic from large trucks or machinery will generate noise patterns that may disturb the floating experience. Despite the floating tank insulation the room need to be well designed and insulated as well.